This company is great! I was referred to them by a family member who had also used them. The best thing i can say about this company is that they really handle a majority of everything and it was all pretty hands off for me. I just paid the initial fee that they charge and they immediately started. The sent me my contract for me to sign with a list of the documents they needed from me. From there moving forward they basically did all the work. Its nice cus they were able to setup my monthly payments to come automatically out of my account on the same day every month which made things very easy for me. I have now been signed up with them for 3 months and my score is already up about 100 points on all 3 of my credit reports. I don’t normally write reviews online about companies but i felt it was well deserved because of what they have helped me be able to do. Not only did they remove alot of negative things on my reports already but they also have helped me open a secured card to start rebuilding my credit. The real cool thing is that after only 3 months of them working on my credit i was ALREADY ABLE TO GET APPROVED FOR MY OWN KOHLS CREDIT CARD!! I know its not really anything crazy but i was very excited about it. I would highly recommend this company!